Nyepi Celebration

Coming up on March 7th will be the famous Nyepi celebration, which is the Balinese Hindu New Year.

It will include many festivals, ceremonies and celebration throughout the entire island.


During the 4 days before Nyepi, you will be able to witness everywhere in Bali the celebration of Melasti, which is a purification ceremony.


There will be many processions around the island of Balinese wearing traditional white outfits, where they bring the different Hindu Sacred Symbols from the different temples, to the Holy Water Source, or to the ocean.

The People

The island of Bali has a population of about 4.5 mil inhabitants, a large majority of which are Hindu.


Life on the "island of the gods" is very communal and ruled under the organization of the local Village (Banjar): From farming to cremation, holidays or the festivals, everything is planned by those Banjar.

Balinese are known worldwide as being very friendly and helpful. If someday you have a mechanical issue on the road, or if you fall off your bike, don’t be surprised if every villager around comes to give you a hand!

A plethora of ceremonies take place throughout the year.You’ll be able to witness them everywhere on the island through their many daily offerings and prayers. Try to look at some Balinese calendars to be able to catch one of those amazing ceremonies at one of the many temples around the island!


All that peace and beauty will certainly leave unforgettable memories from your stay on the island


Why you need to visit the island.

As you’ll soon be able to see, there is more to Bali than meets the eye, and there is no other way to discover all the island has to offer than to come for yourself.


Meet the friendly locals, learn about their traditions, visit the temples, enjoy an amazing year long climate, explore nature and the island's amazing landscapes, and come back home with your soul filled with unforgettable memories.